Day 277/365

My final long run before the marathon. To fit in the 16 miles called for by my training plan I ran to Ashton Court, then did the 10k group run (which was closer to 13k) and ran home again. My speed running out was considerably faster than my return speed, but it averaged out at what I was supposed to run. Hmm, not sure that’s quite what you are supposed to do, but nevermind. A couple more 10 mile tempo runs and some long 10-milers, but nothing of this sort of distance until 3 weeks’ time.

I tried out another combination of under-shorts and shorts, but wasn’t happy with them either. I might have to ditch the runderwear as I think it is that seam that is the problem. I have some other seamless running pants that I can try out over the next three weeks.

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