Day 284/365 – Gwent League – Bridgend

It still makes me laugh that in the cross-country season the men run a longer distance than the women. I was glad of it though as 6,600m was quite enough of the Bridgend course. It wasn’t particularly wet and muddy underfoot, so trail shoes would probably been fine, but I did dig out the spikes and screwed in the 9mms. It was two laps, with some nasty ‘technical’ (hilly) sections in a couple of places towards the end of the lap, a wooden bridge, and some paved sections to deal with. Everyone started at a blistering pace and it was just a case of holding on. Half way round the second lap I was in 47th according to coach Keith, and I managed to claw my way forwards (I think the marathon training helped here) to finally finish in 40th, ahead of supervet Tracy (which is a first for me, but she did run a half marathon pb last week).

Not sure when the official results will be out, but the coaches seemed pretty happy and I didn’t get run off my bike either on the way to or from Chris’s house, so that’s good. Strava also reckons it was my 2nd fastest 5k time, and my heart spent 27:07 of the 28:00 race in the ‘Anaerobic’ zone, apparently. Cadence was good, averaging 181 spm.

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