Day 312/365 – Sodbury Slog

Ah, the Sodbury Slog. This was one of the largest races I have attended that has been organised by a local running club rather than by some company or council, and one that my running friends have enthused about. It’s almost 10 miles around country lanes, across fields, through bogs and other ‘water’ obstacles, over straw bales and up hills.

I opted for the minimal in clothing, aware of how muddy I was likely to get, and decided not to wear a club vest as they are still quite white, choosing instead a race shirt from the Women’s Running 10k that I never wear. I should have added heavy duty gloves though, as putting my hand down in the ‘pig trough’ (a narrow drainage ditch full of mud), meant pressing it onto stinging nettles which are still troubling me several hours on. Other than that, the mud hosed off afterwards and the most troubling moment was when we got charged by cows as we headed across their field.

I was towards the front of the mass of runners, so many of the water features were more water than mud when I went through, though I did have to be hauled back up a couple of times when my feet went in too deep for me to move them (including one time when I also fell to my knees). Towards the end of the race it became more a matter of just finishing as running across soft ground is very draining on the legs. At least they cut the timing chip off your shoe at the end (I should have had them cut the shoe off too).

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