Day 325/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

I was very glad of the heated steering wheel and heated seats in my car as I drove to Ashton Court this morning. I ended up going with long tights, a long sleeved shirt under my parkrun t-shirt, gloves, a buff, and an earwarmer headband to keep warm (and sunglasses). I was running a little late so was worried I wouldn’t make the start on time, but of course we didn’t set off until almost ten past.

I didn’t think I was going particularly quickly, especially when being blown sideways going up the second hill, but at the turning point I realised I was first lady. After that it was a case of hanging on and hoping Tanya wouldn’t pass me (but I thought she would). Somehow I managed to stay in 1st, the first time I have ever managed this at Ashton Court. Alas, even though I saved the run in my watch it appears to have undergone an update which has wiped all of my files, including today’s run, so I re-uploaded a run from a couple of weeks ago which was about the same time (a few seconds slower, but I edited it to match my official time).

I finished 40th out of 308 parkrunners, was 1st lady so 1st in my age category, taking a point out of Tanya in the points table (still second).

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