Day 332/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

It was Daryl’s 50th parkrun today, so there was cake to be eaten after an assault on the hill. Great Western Runners were providing pacers, so I tried to stay with Marcus and Kelly (who were pacing 23 minutes). I lost them a little on the first hill, but caught and passed them on the plateau. I could hear Marcus encouraging his group with 250m to go and just about managed to keep them behind me. The rain mostly stayed away, but it was a little blustery.

My watch threw a small fit when I saved my run, but it was still there this week and I synced it to my phone whilst eating cake.

I (provisionally) finished 75th out of 333 parkrunners, was 3rd lady and 2nd in my age category (though one of the scanners failed, so this may change as I thought I counted myself 4th lady). Still 2nd in the points table (but Tanya finished ahead of me, as did Alison).

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