Day 339/365 – Gwent League XC @ Blaise

A double header of runs today, after getting home and showering post-parkrun there was just enough time to shovel in some food, get changed and head out to Blaise for a Gwent League cross-country race. Parking was a nightmare as usual, I had a ten minute walk to get to Blaise from the first spot I could squeeze into. It meant that there wasn’t too much hanging around before the race.

A good turnout from Bristol and West, lots of club vests on show. It wasn’t as muddy as in January when I raced here before. That time I placed 87th with a time of 28:21. This time I placed 51st with a time of 26:22. A two minute gain over 330 days. The coaches seemed pleased with that (if worryingly surprised).

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