Day 351/365 – Weston Prom 2015/16 series – race 4

I suspect that most serious athletes don’t spend the morning when they have a race in the evening schlepping around to and from train stations and spending an hour ice skating (including pushing people around on a plastic banana). A good job I am not a serious athlete then. I’d done all of my daily steps before I even got in the car to go to Weston for the 4th in the 2015/26 Prom series, so wasn’t expecting to be particularly fast. I managed to surprise myself with a pb though, mostly because Chris was just behind me at the final turn and we have a little competition between ourselves. I knew I couldn’t out-sprint him, so spent the last km or so gradually ramping up the pace to try and get myself enough of a lead that he couldn’t catch me (he came home around 10s after me).

A good race and a good curry in the pub afterwards. Lots of pbs from my running friends.

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