Day 354/365 – SW Athletics XC – Bicton

A long day for a relatively short run today, but it didn’t feel like it. I was out of the door by 08:30 to get the train up to the Downs for the 10:00 minibus out to Bicton in Devon. We arrived with plenty of time before the men’s race at 13:10 (the women were heading off at 13:40), so were able to walk a bit of the course and calm each other down before we cheered on the men as they started.

The men’s race hadn’t actually finished by the time we started, and they squeezed our start into a gap between two of the senior men. There were very little flat parts of this race, you were either going uphill or downhill, and often slightly sideways in the mud. I was towards the back at the start, but it was clear that a lot of people had gone off too hard and after the initial rush I was only passing people and not being passed myself.

Although it was less elevation that I would find at Ashton Court of a Saturday, it was often in short sharp bursts, and two of the hills (including the one to the finish line) were repeated three times, whilst the others were repeated twice. I was not last, and finished just ahead of Rosey and the club managed to win the senior races and team medals.

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