Day 38/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

A cold start to the day and I had to leave early to be able to defrost the car and still make it to the start for 09:00. Problems with the car park meant that we didn’t start until 09:10, but at least I had my gloves and a buff to re-breathe into. I wasn’t expecting to go fast given that I’d had a cold all week, and am racing cross country tomorrow so didn’t want to overdo it. The puddles on the plateau were frozen, but the paths were mostly ice-free. I managed to overtake someone in the last 25m, sneaking up on them and going “boo!” as I passed them.

I finished 91st out of 293 parkrunners, was 9th lady and 2nd in my age category. Jane was pacing someone slower so I am still 2nd in the points table but I won’t be running next week as I have 4 and a half hour of tutorials to attend and they start at 10:00.

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