Day 46/365 – Skyline 2014/15 10km series race 4

The rain had stayed away in the run up to the last of the Skyline series races, but this meant that the mud was now stickier, welding itself to your shoes whilst sucking you back in and trying to steal your footwear. I felt like I was carrying considerably more weight on the way back up the hills with a substantial amount of mud and clay accompanying me.

It’s only two weeks to the Bath Half, so I was taking it easier than last time (not pushing on when the terrain was relatively flat) as I didn’t want to risk an injury. Looking at the data from my GPS I was 45 seconds faster, but also ran 80m less. I was slower at the start (by choice) but faster at the end which is hopefully an indication that I have improved my stamina with the half marathon training. I even managed to pass three people in the final 2.5km (including stopping to catch a loose dog).

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