Day 72/365

I have been waking up at progressively stupider times recently, this morning being 04:51 when I checked my phone. It turns out I am not the only one a my nephew woke up at 05:30 and my sister wanted to take him to the aquarium so that they both didn’t go mad at home. This meant cancelling my Body Pump class (which I was thinking of cancelling anyway, a full week back on top of a track session was a bit much) and heading out for my 5km immediately. I just managed to fit in the run and a shower before heading straight out to walk into town and make it for the 10:00 opening time.

I don’t know why people recommend visiting an aquarium when you are hungover. I went in feeling fine and came out feeling sick (I hadn’t been drinking). All of those rippling water lighting effects, curved glass and magnifying glasses were nausea inducing. A nice brisk walk back home meant I smashed my step target for the day.

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