DD303 – TMA01 – result

Blimey my tutor is quick, TMA01 was only due in on Tuesday (though I submitted on Monday) and I’ve already got it back 48 hours after the submission deadline. I got a nice solid 81, which is pleasing. The first TMA on a course is always nerve-wracking as you don’t know what your tutor is looking for. This one is substitutable though (which means that if its mark is lower than your average for the course then the average will be substituted for it) which takes a little bit of the pressure off. The comments on the actual essay were slightly different to what I have previously had – pointing towards more depth on the various studies I quoted and referenced, which is nice for educational purposes but I’m not sure how I could cram them in given that there was nothing marked as being superflous. The only thing I really missed out on was not including more discussion on the developmental evidence with regards to face recognition, but the word limit is restrictive so something is always going to get cut (or not covered in full detail).

Now, back to working on TMA04 for my philosophy course A333.

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