DD303 – TMA04 result

I was wondering when I would get this TMA back as it is the literature review and research question I will be investigating at residential school in 10 days, and I wanted to know whether I was on the right track. I was disappointed with the mark, a 69, but mostly with the comments about the suggested research question (the stuff about not mentioning serial vs parallel processing is fair enough – it never came up in any of the literature I reviewed and wasn’t an area that had come up in the course in this context at the time of writing the assignment, so I am giving myself a pass on having not mentioned it in the assignment, I can chuck it in when the experiment gets written up).

The research question I had chosen was one specifically suggested in the booklet giving all of the various options as something that would be valid and worth studying. Maybe I didn’t clearly enough identify that the design would be a 2×2 as my tutor said that only having one variable wasn’t sufficient at this level (there will be two variables as I understand it – ambiguity of word, and breadth of category). I’m not sure whether to query this with my tutor now or at residential school when I get there, given that the assignment that gets written up based on the experiment run at residential school is 30% of my examinable mark (which is 50% of my total course mark). I think I will raise it with my tutor now. Hopefully I just didn’t explain sufficiently that it will be a 2×2 design and I don’t have to completely rethink what I’ll be doing at residential school.

UPDATE: My tutor confirmed that I do have a 2×2 design, I just didn’t explain that well enough in my TMA.

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