DD303 – week 0 – Introductions

My final psychology module, cognitive psychology, was due to start next week but I guess they forgot to schedule in time to read the introductory chapters in the main textbooks, so had to move the start date back a week and introduce week 0. They all went off swimmingly – a bit of history there and look ahead to what will be covered there. All that was left was to install e-prime and do the optional online activity of searching for some journals.

I need to run windows to be able to run e-prime. I have a mac. Not a problem, I know that I can run windows on my mac using boot camp (or parallels, etc.) and look Microsoft were offering a discount on Windows 8.1 for students. Only £50. Perfect. Got that bought and went off to my exercise class since they said it might take a while for the order to be processed. Got back from the gym and my order had been processed, Windows 8.1 was there to download. Only snag was that it was in the format of a .exe file. I have a mac, mac’s and .exe files don’t work. I needed a .iso file. I contacted the live help – they sent me to a page about how to create an iso which would only work if I was on a windows device. Head meet desk. They bumped me up the line to more senior tech people. After 20 minutes of no response I called India, spoke to ‘George’ and had my order refunded. In the meantime, a number of friends had been posting suggestions of alternative ways to install various forms of windows operating systems on my mac. I decided I had done enough buggering about with the computer for one day and would just finish off the final task for the week – the online activity searching for journals.

The online activity featured the live journal website embedded in a frame with instructions at the side (click here, enter X, etc.). Unfortunately the website seems to have been updated since the instructions were written as they wanted you to click on things that just weren’t there. A grumpy techy end to the day, but the actual psychology looks interesting and I don’t have to get this software installed and running for another 4 weeks. I may try again in a couple of days once all of my techy friends have exhausted their suggestions.

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