DD303 – week 13 – Autobiographical memory

It feels like a very long time since I had a proper chapter to study rather than the methods companion, which required actual writing of notes and everything. I was feeling a little blah emotionally, so didn’t do the suggested memory retrieval task, but it was interesting nonetheless even if there was a lot of ‘we don’t really know’ going on and suggested explanations. The section on PTSD was particularly of interest to me, if a little graphic with their example (but then it is PTSD after all).

They decided to add on a section of study from the methods companion going back to stats, covering the very thing that it would have been helpful to know for the last TMA (great timing there). I didn’t follow any of it. It was promised that the examples would help, but they just consisted of ‘analyse this data’ with no instructions other than ‘look at a book if you need help’. Great. Very helpful. Luckily google can tell me which boxes to check but when you are just provided with some data and no information it can be a little tricky determining which are your dependent and indepedent variables. Also no clue of what the output that it spat out means. This should make the big project that we have to do fun. At least it is only part of the total grade.

Once I have finished my philosophy course then I must sit down and do some proper study on statistics and the software we have to use so that I am not just mindlessly clicking buttons come project time.

TMA03 to start writing tomorrow.

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