DD303 – week 17 – Language processing

I am finally all caught up with my OU studies. I had to put my most recent TMA for the psychology course on hold while I finished off the mega-essay-of-doom for my philosophy course, so there was frantic catching up on that (submitted with two hours to spare on Tuesday) which meant I was a week behind on my studies. I had done a little bit of reading of this chapter as it related to the project area I plan to research at residential school (which the most recent TMA was about), but now I got to read the whole thing properly. My research area has about half a page in it, so hopefully there will still be enough participants naive to its concepts when it comes to running the experiment. A lot of interesting stuff about eye tracking and how little we need in order to understand words and sentences. I didn’t end up reading the optional material as it wasn’t available.

I can now get my life back a little and go to the cinema, knit in daylight, even visit kittens. Just in time for my birthday. Right after I go to my track session…

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