DD303 – week 8

A slightly odd week in the psychology course. It featured details as to how to download the results of an experiment that we ran a few weeks ago and upload that data into SPSS, but officially those results weren’t supposed to be ready until the end of week 9 in two weeks (but they were up already). It’s all going to be used in the next assignment but there isn’t really any time blocked out in the schedule to write it (it’s a report), and we don’t study how to interpret the results until week 9. I’ve decided to go with running the SPSS results and writing up the method section of the report now, and writing the introduction which features the literature review next week which is blocked out as Spring break. I’ll have to wait until we’ve learned how to analyse the results before I can write the discussion and results sections, then after all of that can finally write the abstract (which starts the whole report). All a bit of a jumble.

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