Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines

It wasn’t enough to just have work related deadlines (home at 23:40 yesterday, but some of that was thanks for FirstGreatWestern and I still managed a remarkable 6 hours sleep), so I thought I’d throw some knitting deadlines in for good measure.

Knitting tired (and only during my commute and lunch break) is not the best way to meet these deadlines. Yesterday I made a mistake during my lunch knitting that took the entire journey home (and ten minutes waiting for the bath to fill) to spot and fix. Today, I started off wrong and took what was left of my lunch break to fix and spot it.

Ah well, with a “free” weekend coming up (apart from having to work on Saturday) I was supposed to clean/tidy the house and pack for Scotland. I think I might have to knit instead…

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