I finally gave in and bought Delicious Library for my mac. Having spent a couple of hours scanning barcodes with my iSight I now know that I have 154 DVDs, 159 CDs and at least 276 books in my house.

If I ever get round to upgrading my OS to Leopard I might share the results of my cataloguing (I’d have to upgrade Delicious too).

3 thoughts on “Delicious

  1. Greg

    Oh, that’s not so many.

    Delicious Library is sort of addictive for no reason, isn’t it? It plays to the OCD tendencies! Of course, now you’ll HAVE to justify it by lending stuff out. Care to post the list?

    Gonna be in your neck of the woods more often. Current boss is going to want me in the office more often.

    Leopard I can get you. It’s worth it. It’s perty.

  2. fak Post author

    I’ve already started tracking things on loan :-). The thing that I most want it for (and which I need the upgrade for) is being able to keep a copy on my ipod. No more worries about whether I’ve already got X when I’m out shopping.

    I would post the list, but it’s a huge text file at the moment. Once I upgrade I’ll be able to post with html. Off to get myself Leopard this afternoon (now that I’ve managed to track down someone other than Apple that sells it).

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