The Bristol half marathon is getting close (yet is also far away since it comes after my psychology exam and there’s still plenty of time to revise for that, right?) and I still have no idea what time I want to aim for. I am not feeling as strong as I was before running Bath, but feel like I should be able to run faster than last year now that I have been running more regularly. Instead of a nice easy pace I ran today’s long run just below the uncomfortable boundary to try and give myself an idea of what I might be able to do come race day. Apart from having to stop a couple of times for road crossings (and once to say hello to a cat) I mostly kept between 05:15min/km and 05:30min/km (but mostly towards the 05:30 end). Extrapolating that for another 4.5km and I get about 1hr 55min. I went round in 1hr 53min 55sec last year, so I’m going to aim to match that again this year and push on if I am feeling good with 5km to go (though it gets a bit twisty and cobbly at this stage).

I did come up with a new mantra on the return part of my run (after I had seen the TARDIS toilet), but if you are prone to earworms then look away now. It fits nicely into four steps/1 breath cycle (1 breath in, 1 breath out) and goes “mind strong, body strong”, but can get stuck in your head very easily, so you have been warned.


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