Don’t you just love Mondays?

It was a struggle getting out of a very agreeable bed this morning and dragging myself to work in the rain, but bills need paying and all that.

I continue to be curious about what constitutes a problem on the railways large enough to be reported on the local travel news. Apparently a broken rail on the line between Reading and Paddington isn’t big enough. An interesting thing I’ve discovered about high speed trains (or possibly their drivers): if they’re running at low speed they judder, so I got 45 minutes of having my insides scrambled before getting poked with other people’s umbrellas in London town.

Thames Water continue to be incompetant. I was advised of a possible leaked on my shared supply about 4 months ago and sent of the necessary forms to get it fixed. I finally get a call out of the blue about 3 weeks ago saying it would either be today or next Monday and did I have a preference (I would need to be in the house to grant access and turn off water, etc). It’s the RFP next Monday so I chose today. Nothing came in the post, no further calls, I tried the number they gave me – didn’t work. Looks like they decided to start the work this morning. They’ll have to do it without me. I did call them again and all they can confirm is that the job is listed as “under construction” but with no start or end date.

Oh, and work have blocked gmail again.

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