DSE212 – TMA03 result

My psychology tutor seems to have a remarkably fast turnaround on our assignments. TMA03 (a report on a Stroop-related psychology experiment that I undertook whist at Bungay) was only due on Wednesday, but I got my mark back this morning and it wasn’t due until two weeks after submission. Handy though, as there’s a tutorial on Thursday. I was a little worried about how I’d do on this assignment as I hadn’t been able to devote as much time to it as I would have liked since I was revising for my philosophy exam, but the rigid structure of the presentation may have helped me get to a very nice 89 thank you very much.

I did make a stupid mistake on the type of design, but luckily it only cost me the one mark. Roll on being able to focus 100% on psychology.

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