DSE212 – tutorial 2

An eventful tutorial at the OU regional centre this evening. A different mix of people to last time (but both Alices were present and sat next to each other), and it’s always nice to get different ideas and meet more students. We started by looking at a sample essay and what was done right and wrong, with everybody groaning about the wrong things they had done themselves, then went on to look at types of research and methods. This was a bit heavy on some technical terms and at this point we lost one of the attendees who decided that the course (and possibly the OU entirely) wasn’t suited to them and that words were being misused, which was … interesting to say the least.

We had some good discussion about how to approach certain research questions and some interesting stuff on evolutionary psychology and depression in light of the next assignment.

When we got kicked out by the security guard for overrunning, the mist and fog had descended and the journey back was decidedly eerie and like something you’d expect from a zombie apocalypse (I may have been running too many Zombies, Run! missions).

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