Dyrham Park 10k

I had signed up for Dyrham Park 10k back in March, before the Two Tunnels 10k was announced, so originally I should have had a couple of weeks between the Bristol Half Marathon and this off-road 10k. Instead I ran a fastish, flatish 10k last weekend only a week after the Half, and then this brute of a 10k a week later. I’m not a fan of looped courses, I prefer to have to tackle a nasty hill only once, but with three laps it meant 3 kidney-scrambling descents dropping 40m in 270m followed by 3 trudges uphill (with a greater distance walked each time) gaining 59m in 760m. I got round in under an hour, which is always good for me for a Relish off-road 10k, and I did get another medal to add to the collection. A bit of a break now before the Skyline series starts in November.

Dyrham Park 10k

UPDATE: I finished 86th out of 249 runners, was 13th lady and 9th in my age category. I should also receive my proper model by the end of the week – the one above was a temporary replacement as the originals were not delivered in time. Yay, bonus medal!

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