Even storage isn’t simple

I’m living surrounded by boxes which will soon be packed off into storage assuming all of the various paperwork goes through (looks like I’ll be homeless for Bungay). You would think this would be a relatively straightforward thing to arrange, but I need to provide an inventory of what I am storing (it’d better not have to be too detailed as most of those boxes are sealed); insurance; my own padlock; I have to sign at least two separate disclaimers; photo ID; proof of address; and the name, address and telephone number for two further emergency contacts (who aren’t allowed to live at my address). To hire a van to transport all of the stuff I need to provide proof of address as well as my driving licence (stupid Money Laundering Regs). It’s a good job I still get one utility bill sent to me by paper (though I will have to unpack the printer to print out this inventory).

I shall now return to making lists – lists of what still needs to be packed, lists of all of the people (outside friends and family) I have to inform about change of address (a truly frighteningly long list: 2 councils – one in one out; water; electricity; gas; bank; credit card; 2 pension providers for 3 plans; DVLA – twice; home insurance; car insurance; mobile phone; home telephone; broadband; TV licence; electoral roll; optician; amazon; paypal; ebay; Royal Mail for redirect, IRS…thank goodness I managed to ditch a magazine subscription and a building society, and with the mortgage company out of the picture that’s three whole organisations I do not now need to contact), lists of lists.

I can see how this could be very stressful if you were trying to do all of this and work a full-time job. At least I can pop to my solicitor any time they need me (and make sure all of my documents arrive – I suspect the receptionist thinks I am some sort of courier).

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