Extraordinary Measures

Marvellous. Just spoken to my performance manager again. It seems that I am being put into some sort of extraordinary measures following my “areas for development” grading back in December (which, remember, was a surprise to me since my feedback to that date hadn’t indicated anything out of the ordinary). I am due to get an e-mail tomorrow “inviting” me to a meeting with HR and A.N.Other. These meetings will continue for up to three months depending on whether I improve or not. As we all know, additional stress aids performance, so this should work well.

I was planning on resigning next Thursday (21st Feb) so that my recruiter would get the bonus for me not having resigned within the first 12 months, and then my last day would be 15th May, just in time for Bungay. I may just have to bring that timescale forward. I suppose I should be seen to be making an effort, but considering what else is going on in my life (divorce, family illnesses, etc.) I’m pretty sure work shouldn’t be causing me the greatest stress. There doesn’t seem to be much point in any event.

I’m going to have to resign on health grounds even if I can’t/don’t want to get a GP to sign me off with stress. I’ve somehow√ā¬†developed a tremor in my left hand that takes a good two to three hours to go away after leaving work, and it’s interferring with my knitting (and we can’t have that). I had wanted to resign saying that I was going to take a break following the divorce, but since that’s been delayed by two months it’s not an option either. I don’t know why I’m covering for them, I guess because I will have to work out my notice period and three months can be a looooong time.

Oh well. I know I’ll get blamed for everything as soon as I resign and once I leave, but that happens no matter how you leave.

2 thoughts on “Extraordinary Measures

  1. Jen

    Good god, woman – run away as fast as you can! You need to speak to a doctor about this, and see if you can at least get it recorded in your notes; it may affect your divorce settlement, says G, and I’m inclined to agree.

    Three months is a hell of a long notice period – you really should try and get signed off sick…

    ((((Fak)))) Thinking of you :*

  2. Greg Harewood

    He may still get his bonus. My understanding of resigning is this: you are giving notice that you will resign – in other words, technically, the resignation is what happens on the last day. I know that this isn’t colloquial usage.

    It doesn’t matter. Just quit. Today. Now. Screw the fuckers.

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