My word, things can move quickly with a bit of pressure.

So far I’ve spoken to two senior managers about past and future performance (and broken down both times, whatever happened to that British reserve, but at least one of them thinks I’m not rubbish and can turn things around, which is good to hear); I’ve also poked my solicitor again who was a little irked because they had responded to my earlier poke but the e-mail had never arrived and documents are probably being eaten by Royal Mail as I type; I’ve also got my sat-nav (within 12 hours of dispatch which means I can play with it this weekend).

The current fun with the divorce is that the Acknowlegdement of Service Form (which I know was received in December) hasn’t been signed and sent back, so nothing can progress with the Courts (which makes me incandescently mad) without me incurring more costs and filling out more forms. All balls are now back in their court (they have all documents they have requested and are ever likely to get and it is up to them to suggest a figure to drag from my pockets/cold dead hand). Of course, if he plans on starting a course at Cardiff uni in September then it’s in his best interest to continue living rent-free whilst still getting a big payout when it’s all finally done. Meanwhile my life is in limbo and house prices are tipped to fall.

Something I learned last night (other than I’m not so British that I won’t cry on public transport, I tried to hide it as best I could though) is that, chocolate aside, it’s bloody hard to comfort eat as a vegetarian. I managed some vegetarian sushi (actually regular sushi with the fish going to the cat since they didn’t have any veggie suschi left – I really wanted the wasabi) and a spinach and ricotta pizza, which is rubbish. No greasy chicken wings,  or a big fat steak. There’s obviously a market out there which needs exploiting.

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