Finally over

Phew, Indecision08 is finally done. Whether the right person was elected will be seen in time but one thing I will take away is a disgust for fellow human beings (moreso than before). It is unfortunate that the most vile outpourings that I have seen have come from McCain’s supporters and I wonder whether this turned some undecided voters away from him.

Just in the last couple of days I have seen McCain supporters suggest that the announcement of Obama’s grandmother’s death was spin, and at least two go on to suggest that she was deliberately killed (and no, there was no indication that they were joking).

There were others who claimed they were going to buy extra guns as they expected riots after the election and time after time these self-same people were quoting Bible verses whilst espousing violence towards anyone that disagreed with them.

It makes me glad that I don’t have these kind of people around me. They are a stain against civilisation and only drag others down. Shame on them. Shame. I would like to be unaware of this level of vitriol, but ignoring it isn’t the answer. I would much rather be unaware of it because it doesn’t exist.

I once wanted to live in the States, for a few years anyway, but even if I closeted myself in a location of like-minded people the things that I have learned during the campaign means I no longer want to. The lack of free at the point of use health coverage would be my main concern. It is still hard to comprehend for me that a wealthy country such as the US allows people to die in pain because they cannot afford medical care. I have heard numerous accounts of people not seeking treatment as they cannot afford it even to the point of not calling an ambulance because of the cost.

Depending on who you listen to my belief in free medical care makes me a socialist or a communist. So much for “hippy capitalist”.

Stephen Fry’s BBC programme on America this week was in Houston and illustrated how (certain sections of) Americans prefer good works to be done though the charitable giving of the wealthy (rather than through higher taxation) – the problem with this trickle-down approach being that it’s the wealthy who get to choose who gets the money based on their view of who is “needy”. I’ve read such hatred towards people claiming unemployment or disability that I fear there will be many homeless and hungry sleeping under exquisite grand statues.

It’s just so sad and disheartening.

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  1. alby

    And the other depressing bit was the anti-gay stuff that got voted in in loads of states. Seems that mercans are happy with blacks (or at least half-castes) now but gays are still beyond the pale. A shame.

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