First viewing

Yay, interest in my house already with the first viewing being tomorrow evening. Hmm, better do a bit of cleaning and tidying tonight. Not sure how the viewer found out about it since it’s not been listed on any websites yet, but it could be from the paper mailout or seeing the huge yellow sign in front of the house.

In other news, I’m out of Sock wars. I was waiting to find out just where I’d finished but the person overseeing it hasn’t updated anything since August 12th, so I’ll probably have forgotten about it by the time they do post an update.

I also now have one of the new passports. It’s rather chunky with its tag and I look a little cross-eyed in the picture but it does mean that I can skip out of the country whenever I like.

Had a super bank holiday weekend with much mooching about and lots of eating.

I’m also trying to kickstart the Passout organising again now that I can get on and sign things. Time is ticking on.

So, erm, yeah. That’s pretty much it.


ETA: make that 2 viewings tomorrow.

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