Five more Fridays…

…but six more weeks.

That’s another Friday down, only five more to go (since my last day is a Thursday). Of course, I’ll be working this weekend and next (full days), but hey, it’s something.

Finally got a response from my solicitors today. A very junior (and very scared sounding) boy called to confirm receipt of my instructions and cheque (damn right). It remains to be seen whether they will act upon my instructions next week or wait for the appropriate staff member to return from holiday, but at least they’ve got it this time (third time lucky is correct).

Work have finally announced that I have resigned (6 weeks ago), so I can be openly happy about leaving. If I hadn’t already then this week would have finished me off. The list of (I don’t want to call us rats) leaving the ship is pretty impressive. In one go they’re losing a senior manager, two managers (though one has been persuaded to move internally), two assitant managers (again, one is an internal transfer), a consultant, and a secretary. It’s not like the department is huge, either. Ah well, not my problem. I almost feel sorry for those left behind since they are already horrendously overworked, but nah. Fuck ’em.

Finally got back to my knitting yesterday having done nothing for a week. I tidied up my queue at Ravelry, then spotted a rather nice peacock based shawl that some purple laceweight silk would go well with, so it all got reorganised. Peacocks are, of course, evil, but I have a soft spot for them so hopefully it’ll knit up well. But not before I finish the project I’m currently on, the one after that (which I need by EJC), and the one I’m going to knit at Bungay. That’s just the big projects, mind, and doesn’t include 3 presents due on various days.

Hopefully my knitzi will arrive soon and I can start knitting socks during my commute without fear of breaking needles (though I am planning on switching to metal DPNs). When asked what I wanted as a leaving present, yarn was mentioned, so I requested sock yarn, from iKnit. You can never have too much sock yarn. Especially now I’ve got a stitchionary and a whole book about them. I just have to fit them in around the lace. 

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