Further soliciting

Yes it’s a Monday, which means more calls to my solicitor (it seems that the second time I call I actually get through, leaving messages doesn’t seem to do anything). I finally got confirmation on Friday that the finances have been agreed and now it’s time for more legal documentation. This time it’s the drafting of a consent order which needs to be agreed and signed by both parties, and then agreed by the courts. Following that I actually have to pay the money out (my parents are loaning me what I don’t have) and the decree absolute can finally be applied for and granted.

Timeframe on the consent order being agreed by the courts is apparently√ā¬†about 5 weeks, so I may actually get my house and my name back by the end of June – only 9 weeks late. From start to finish that’ll be over 10 months from separation to divorce, and this was a relatively easy one (uncontested). Sigh.

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