Final run before the Bath Half on Sunday (sponsor me here I hid the GPS and ran at what felt like 90-95% race pace whilst firing up the half marathon playlist. If I maintain that speed on Sunday I’ll come round in around 1 hr 55 (so pretty much what I did last time in September), though I shouldn’t be having to stop to cross roads and restart apps. Hopefully the race day buzz and my own pride (and all of the carbs) will push me on to run just that little bit faster and to maintain it all of the way around.

App crashed out on me again, but that coincided with getting an email from one of my VIPs, so I’m going to put it down to that. Came home and tweaked my playlist slightly, adding in a couple of tracks to my warm up to get me pumped before I cross the line, and making sure my shuffle was fully charged up (and I can remember how to get to a playlist on it).


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