Geodesic domes and cupholders

For anyone interested in yesterday’s photo-a-day, you too can make a geodesic dome from jelly tots (or a spaghetti bridge) by following the instructions under challenges here.

In addition to building the dome yesterday, I also drove down to Weston to trade my little Ford Fiesta in for an almost new Prius (Fiesta + bundle of cash = Prius). So far my mpg is over 50 compared to 40-45 in the Fiesta.

Many new toys in the Prius, including multiple cupholders in all sorts of ingenious places. My favourite so far – when you slide the cover on the vanity mirror open, the light above it turns on automagically. Now that is joined-up thinking.

2 thoughts on “Geodesic domes and cupholders

  1. duncan

    Good choice of car. I love mine.
    My mpg tends to be around 55. Best so far was last years trip back from Bungay which gave 72 for the whole tank

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