Good knitter

I’ve finally got a little bit of time to think (not that my superiors want me to think so) so I took some time out from knitting this lunchtime to sort out what I want to knit, and what I currently have sitting in my stash. Almost all stash items now have a project attached to them, with the only ones outstanding being leftovers and the random cone of deep green linen that I got as part of a job lot from ebay. Everything else is now assigned to a specific purpose, and these are ordered in a hopefully sensible way (two lots of portable projects to each stay-at-home).

Out for pancakes this evening, but I shall cast on a couple more projects later this week. The Moth is nearing completion but I have another couple of knitting deadlines approaching, so it’ll have to take the backfoot, again, in preference for those.

I’ve also edited down my Ravelry queue to things that I think I’ll actually use (mostly socks, then) and that I have a fair chance of being able to complete successfully (goodbye Endpaper Mitts and Herringbone Gloves, for now at least). What is on there should keep me going for the next three or four months (ignoring seeing any new patterns or yarn, or friends getting pregnant/requiring emergency gifts). That’s with budgeting 2-3 weeks per shawl and 1-2 weeks per pair of socks (shawls get worked on evenings and weekends, socks whilst commuting).

In the spirit of getting organised (and pending discussions with this recruiter) I also poked the solicitors for an update. Well, it has been three weeks since they received the last piece fo information from me (and there is no more for me to provide), so I figure it’s warranted, even if it will cost me for doing so. I’m fed up of being in limbo and being unable to make any plans (like when best to resign so that I don’t jeopardise either Bungay or EJC).

Today’s annoyance: the lip-smacking noise my colleague makes whilst eating. 

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