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I finally managed to speak to my solicitor today (and approved the letter with my final offer). It turns out that they haven’t applied for the decree absolute (like they had initially said they would) because the financial settlement is still outstanding and it might complicate things.

She said that they would only normally do so if there was an urgency in marrying someone else. I replied that I was asking as it was the only way to get my house back (I am fed up of living in the spare room, but didn’t actually say that). Ah, yes. Suddenly she sees my point of view and the potential for this to drag out indefinitely.

The letter’s been faxed today as a final offer and there will be a follow up next week if there is no response saying that we’ll be going to court.

I’m hoping that there will be resolution soon, but “soon” is a moveable feast which keeps being put back and back, and I’m fed up of my parents asking every week if I have the house back yet.

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