Green Easter

Having abandoned my veg patch over winter my seeds are coming along nicely (11 tomato plants, 8 aubergines and 20 chilis/peppers so far). The toms are now out in the greenhouse having outgrown the propagators and will soon need to go out in the garden (under cloches initially). In between the showers I have so far managed to remove the largest of the stones, break up the soil, remove the worst of the weeds and rake over what will be the vegetable patch. Next will be sieving out the smaller stones and putting some cloches out to warm up the soil where the new plants will live. I’ve also got some blueberry and raspberry plants on order, and will be planting lettuce and courgette seeds soon (maximum 3 courgette plants – 1 to keep, 2 to trade).

1 thought on “Green Easter

  1. Charlie

    Sounds great. We’ve got a greenhouse on the side of the house now and I’m just potting up cucumbers, 2 types of toms, sweet peppers and 2 types of courgettes…there’s a very sunny windowsill in the kitchen which is great for germinating seeds. Should have lots to sw Iap at Bungay – I’d be up for some chilis!

    Will try and get some pics up soon, it looks very organised now I’ve cleared out the asbestos roofing panels that were forming the greenhouse staging…

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