Green tea, definitely contains caffeine

I got myself a nice cup of peppermint tea to go with my lunch today. At least I thought it was peppermint tea. I had a couple of quick slugs of it when it was just made (and the taste therefore not remotely developed) and then it got abandoned.

Half an hour later I wonder why my eyes are jittering and my pulse is increased. Ah, that’ll be green tea then, not peppermint tea.

This post is brought to you by what may be the most sensitive caffeine detector in the world – my body.

3 thoughts on “Green tea, definitely contains caffeine

  1. Emma in France (lloer on Rav)

    That’s just like me! I can’t tolerate caffeine at all as I never drunk it until I was an adult. I love green tea but half a cup and I’m hyper.

    You may have bought green tea with peppermint – it’s caught me out before now.

    I love peppermint tea but it’s hard to get on it’s own over here, it tends to be found in blends more.

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