Happy Bobmas one and all

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the conception of www.ravelry.com. It also coincided with Ravelraiser 08 – a fundraising exercise to buy Ravelry a new server (over 100,000 users means more server power required). The concept was  10 lousy bucks, and for every $10 donation made up until 25 April the donee gets entered into a raffle for a number of rather nice prices. I managed to win a side raffle for some handcream, which is nice, handmade by a fellow raveler.

The original aim to raise $7,000 for a new server was quickly upgraded when the target was easy smashed in the first couple of days. The new target was set at about $30,000 to get Ravelry back in the black (set-up costs are a bitch). A couple of days ago that happened and the total keeps on rising.

Jess and Casey haven’t drawn any salary from running Ravelry yet, though they have given up their jobs to set it up, and it’s still in beta testing. They now have paid-for advertising and pattern sales set up, with a Ravelry store selling merchandise to follow, but donations are still needed to pay for hosting and their first employee – so come on, it’s just 10 lousy bucks.

For Bobmas I bought myself some alpaca and more sock yarn from iKnit (after I finally found their new shop).

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