Hardening off and planting out

As I’m going to be away for a few days I took the opportunity of British Summer Time to plant out four of the tomato plants that have been hardening off in the greenhouse as well as an aubergine. The tomato plants had been looking a bit sorry for themselves as they’d got a bit dry but are now well watered and staked (also covered with cloches). I also transferred the remaining aubergines to the greenhouse for now whilst separating out some chilis and peppers to be moved upstairs to the sunny bit of window sill.

The growing cycle at my house goes: stage 1 – seeds in peat pots in propagator on kitchen window sill (normally 3 to a pot); stage 2 – being split into their own pots and put in the propagator on the bedroom window sill. They then go into the greenhouse first under a cloche (stage 3), then just on their own (stage 4).

There are currently 3 courgette plants, a random number of mixed lettuce things and 15 chilis/peppers at stage one; 8 chillis/peppers at stage 2; 4 aubergines & 8 tomato plants at stage 3; and 3 aubergines & 3 tomato plants at stage 4. That leaves 12 lettuce seedlings, 4 tomato plants and 1 aubergine plant in the ground (well the aubergine is in a pot).

Soon there will be space to start on cucumber seeds and maybe non-veg like lavender at stage 1.

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