One of the upsides to not being able to relive the good days is that you don’t have to relive the bad days (at least not outside your head).

I left work at 20:00 and having not had time to knit at lunchtime due to having to deal with divorce stuff, I launched into it on the tube, and then on the train.

Five minutes out of Reading I realised what I was working on was irreperable buggered, so I’m currently frogging it to start again. About 4 hours of work has been lost, which means I’ll have to put my luna moth shawl on hold if I want to finish the Ice Queen before the weekend (when I’m scheduled to start a knit-a-long).

Ah well, at least I noticed when I was only 25% of the way through.

ETA: with the help of some pizza, Bring It On, and Just a Minute, I am now up to where I was before leaving work. Sleep will happen later.

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