Holding Out For A Hero

Today’s recovery run was hard after yesterday’s race (blog post to follow once official results are released), but I’ve got 13.1 miles to get around in just under 6 weeks time, so it had to be done. Super slow with no fast feet drills, just tickover for the legs and a reminder that they’ll need to work even when they are tired.

I tried out the “recently played” playlist, forgetting that I had been listening to a lot of audiobooks when going to sleep so only ended up with the one Beecake song and a lot of out of order chapters from two different books. An experiment that I don’t think I’ll try again.

I finally managed to place the new voice for registering the collection of items – it’s the person The Now Show uses for the voice of Siri, so I really hope that there will be a reminder to call the vet popping up at some point.

Holding Out For A Hero

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