I don’t believe it!

My car’s a bit broken. The right-hand side taillight and brakelight don’t work. The bulbs are fine, the fuse is fine, the indicators are fine. So, I booked it into the garage to have the unit replaced and advised work that I would have to work from home on Friday (the hours I can drop the car off and pick it up mean I could log a whopping 4 hours in the office, with 3 hours travel).

Things are getting a bit hectic at work, so I let the people I was working with know asap what I was doing (on Wednesday, when I booked the car in). No complaints.

One of my colleagues wants some work to go out this week. Fine. It’s taken a lot longer than expected, but I finally passed it through. Spoke to the individual, reminded them I was working from home tomorrow but would be contactable. Still fine.

Within 5 minutes of them leaving the office (and saying goodbye to me as they walked past my desk) I get an e-mail from their Blackberry saying I had better work from the office. WTF?! They couldn’t have said that to my face? It’s only because I was checking a few things before shutting down that I even got the e-mail, otherwise I wouldn’t have read it until tomorrow morning. From home.

Cue e-mail explaining the situation (again),  bcc’d to my “performance manager”, stating all the ways I would still be contactable and still have full access to everything on the network. I’ve now had to wait for a reply to say that we  can try and manage it remotely (the only thing I can’t do is print stuff and physically be there).


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