I’m done

I’m through with this place. As soon as I find out how much I’m going to be out of pocket on this divorce I’m quitting and getting the money some other way. If I have to sell the house or work in Tesco then so be it, it’s got to be better than here.

It’s the UK deadline coming up, and I’ve got returns to get out. I’ve got 3 different senior managers wanting everything done yesterday as well as other queries to be answered/bills to be sent/admin to be completed. I’m working 09:30 until 20:00 every day (any later and my brain is no good). I’ve worked tight deadlines before, I’ve worked long hours. No problem. What I can’t take is the bitchiness and accusatory tone of internal e-mails demanding stauts updates (durr, maybe if you let me actually do the work instead of spending your time hounding me there’d be a chance of it happening), the sarcastic review notes (heck, the review notes which are questions and not anwers: Have you checked X? Well yes, but evidently missed something, maybe if you told me what it was I wouldn’t have to spend my time re-checking and still missing it) and the deadlines agreed with clients with no thought as to how they’re going to be met.

They win. They’ve broken me. They’ve completely destroyed any self-belief I’ve ever had in my technical knowledge and made me question the most basic things. I’ll be gone within 6 months (if I last that long).

2 thoughts on “I’m done

  1. Stu

    Bastards. Don’t let them make you question yourself. I had a company that did that.

    Definitely get out. ASAP.

    Good luck!

  2. Jen

    Damn the bastards to hell! It’s ok to be pissed off and wound up, but don’t let them affect your self-belief in your abilities. If you’ve always been on top of things in your other jobs, then clearly it’s this place (and their f*cked up way of working) that’s at fault, not you.

    I hope the divorce gets sorted out soon; the sooner you’re out of that poisonous place, the better.

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