In isolation

The phone was cut off a couple of weeks ago and it will take another couple of weeks before it is reconnected. The internet ran out last night (and new one can’t be started until the phone is back up and running. My house is in a mobile phone blackspot. The TV reception plays up when the weather is nasty.

All of this essentially means that when I am at home I am cut off from the outside world. So I’m at work. Even though I’ve got a nasty cold (I don’t get paid sick leave anyway as I’m on a temporary contract). It does mean that I managed to bash out my sister’s tax return though. Next on the list is a friend’s.

1 thought on “In isolation

  1. Jen

    *hands you some honey and lemon*

    Since puppy chewed the aerial cable, our freeview signal (upstairs only) has disappeared, and the terrestrial signal is appalling. Thankfully, he didn’t move on to the Virgin cables, or we’d have been cut off, too! Our house is apparently an O2 blackspot, though our T-mobile coverage is pretty good. Weird.

    Do you have a batch of DVDs to watch? Do you want some? Happy to whack some in the post to you, if needed 🙂 I guess you’ll be knitting like crazy ’til you’re connected up again?

    Don’t work too hard, and get well soon.

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