It gets worse

Going through the Budget fine print and they are seeking to attack lease premiums too. This will all leave me with precisely zero clients to give advice to as they will all have either left, not come here at all, or there will be no advice to give just compliance. Time to start seriously thinking about retraining as the government is doing its best to destroy the career I’ve been following for the last 8 years (or move countries).

It’s going to be way too expensive for companies to send employees to the UK and tax equalise them and why would someone choose to come to the UK to work when they could work elsewhere in Europe and not be taxed so heavily?

Also looks like they’re going to try and move gift-aid relief away from the donor (the last reserve to reduce tax for the higher-rate taxpayer outside of various schemes such as EIS/VCT).

Foolish, foolish Darling. Way to commit political suicide.

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