Jolly Alpha Five Niner – the off-road season is here

The off-road season has started and over the next few months I’ll be running an off-road 10k race at least once a month, incorporating them into my training for the Bath Half at the beginning of March. I’ll be starting the half marathon training proper in January, and until then I intend to work on my speed with some fartlek sessions. Given that the weather is turning decidedly autumnal (’tis the season) some of this training will probably be done indoors on the treadmill. I have (a year after everyone else) bought the Zombies, Run app to keep me interested in these and give me some randmoness to them.

Today I returned to training proper after a couple of weeks off following the Bristol half marathon and was aiming for a 40 min easy run, using the first mission “Jolly Alpha Five Niner”. This had a number of zombie chases in it, only one of which I successfully evaded. I may need to work on running slower overall so that I can pick up my pace for the chases.

Jolly Alpha Five Niner

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