Keeper of Secrets

I tried to wait until the worst of the rain had passed over, but I couldn’t wait all day so it was out into the wind and the rain (and the sun, at least my sunglasses helped keep the rain out of my eyes) for the traditional Monday morning recovery run out along the canal and back. At some points it felt rather like I was running in the canal rather than along the side of it, but there’s no point only training when the weather is nice, you’ll be scuppered if it comes to race day and there’s a bit of wind and rain about.

I’m not enitrely sure what happened to the Zombies, Run app, but it had me completing an impressive 35.48km, I guess the weather was interfering somewhat.

Keeper of Secrets

My Garmin knew what was what, and I made some inroads into all the cake I ate at my nephew’s birthday party yesterday.

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