Kerrie Allman – break up of an empire

All Craft Media Ltd (the company owned by Kerrie Allman with her husband as sole director) has been in administration for just over two weeks (read more about the history here).

There have been a lot of rumours about who the administrator was going to sell the existing titles to, with fears that it would be another shell company with Kerrie at the helm and another family member roped in as a director. Initially it was reported that this was the case, with titles being sold to Handmade Living Magazine Ltd. However, reports began to come out that the titles had, in fact, been sold to Taylor Made Publishing. This is a company that has no known connection to Kerrie Allman or members of her family (other than through distribution of titles), and is an existing publishing company.

Today a statement was made by Tim Harris (a director at TMP) and posted on Ravelry (you will need a login to read) confirming the purchase of all existing publications from ACM and that Taylor Made Publishing would be taking over the following titles (and fulfilling subscriptions for these titles):

  • Inside Crochet – taking over from issue 31
  • Yarnwise (formerly known as Knit Magazine and Yarn Forward) – taking over from issue 50
  • Handmade Living – taking over from issue 14

Zoe Clements has been announced as the editor of Yarnwise and Charlotte Brett has been announced as the editor of Handmade Living. The editor of Inside Crochet will be announced shortly. Both Zoe and Charlotte have a history with the respective magazines, Zoe was the editor of Yarnwise under its initial incarnation of Yarn Forward and Charlotte Brett was the editor of Handmade Living.

The remaining titles previously owned by ACM will be sold on. These are:

  • Sew Hip
  • Modern Quilting
  • Handmade Fashion
  • Simply Beautiful

Today has also seen the offices being opened for designers to retrieve samples held by ACM. Any queries about the administration of ACM (including claims and outstanding debts) should be directed to FRP Advisory.

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