Kerrie Allman – further news

Following on from the liquidation of All Craft Media and the sale of the ACM publications to Taylor Made Publishing the remaining titles:

  • Sew Hip
  • Handmade Fashion
  • Modern Quilting
  • Simply Beautiful

have been sold to Derek Barnes of The Craft Magazine Shop with queries about the titles to be sent to

As can be seen from the blurb about “The Team”:

Some of the team are brand new to publishing, others worked for the company who used to own these magazines and most of us are called Jen! You will be able to see all our staff profiles and pics here on our shop blog when we all start work in the office next week.


These include Kerrie’s sister Jen (Jenn/Jenna) Rycroft and her mother Shirley Rycroft. Reports have already been coming in from companies and individuals who had advertised with the magazines when they were owned by ACM are being contacted and told that they have to continue their adverts (this is not true as their contracts were with the now defunct company), or offering them full-page ads for £100 (a loss-making figure). Subscribers who had finished their subscriptions prior to the fall of ACM have also been contacted (though they gave no permission for their details to be passed on to anyone else).

No-one can find anything about Derek Barnes and his connection to the Rycroft/Allmans but it is looking like back to the practices at KAL and ACM that sent them into liquidation owing hundreds of thousands of pounds.



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