Less than 10 weeks left, less than 10 weeks left

I have to keep reminding myself that I have less than 10 weeks left in this job, especially when I get e-mail after e-mail asking for status updates. Considering that the person involved was copied in on all correspondence, maybe they should consider checking their own e-mails before adding to my workload. Then again, they would rather send me an e-mail to do something when in the same time they could have done it themselves. Evidently they don’t have anything to do. Meanwhile, I will be working over Easter, and if I wasn’t already booked up, over the weekends too (I will be working all weekends in April.

Have I mentioned I don’t get paid overtime? Oh, and my resignation hasn’t been announced either.

Still no sign of that other job offer (and it’s Cheltenham this week, so it won’t be turning up any time soon).

In other news, car passed its MOT and has had the wing-mirror replaced, yay.

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